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Slide Show Photos: A group of members on a field trip to Julian; the live bee display provided by Pete Holtzen at the Alpine History Day Celebration; school children present "Mr. Arnold" play at the annual Italian Feast; youngsters frolick on grass by the Beaty House during Alpine History Day Celebration. Alpine Historical Society photographs.


Quarterly Potluck Meeting – February 18, 2018

"Medical Care in Early San Diego", presented by Dr. Catalina Preskill

Quarterly Potluck Meeting – October 15, 2017

“Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt”, a one-act play written by Sherrie Colbourn, starring Annette Hubbell as Eleanor Roosevelt and Connie Cragel Le Pere as Lorena Hickok

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - August 20, 2017

"Coast to Cactus: The Canyoneer Trail Guide to San Diego Outdoors" presented by Rochelle Gaudette, member of the San Diego Natural History Museum Canyoneers

Alpine History Day – June 3, 2017

Robotics Team from the Joan MacQeen Middle School and the Alpine Amigos 4H Club will be the featured attractions. Also participating will be the California Note Catchers, "Birds of Prey", Animals and Animals, Tintype photography, Fire Engine #17, Model T's, quilts, and the Kiwanis Cook Shack.

Quarterly Potluck Meeting – April 23, 2017

Wright’s Field: Conservation Management and Restoration, presented by Jon Green, Program & Outreach Director for the Back Country Land trust

Quarterly Potluck Meeting – February 19, 2017

"Walking the Pacific Crest Trail", presented by Al O’Neal

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - October 16, 2016

"Trunk Show: Old & New Quilts", presented by Janet Harris, quilter extraordinaire.

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - August 21, 2016

History of Winemaking in San Diego County, presented by Richard Carrico, writer, educator, and wine maker.

Alpine History Day - June 4, 2016

Hole in the Wall Gang will be the featured attraction. Also participating will be "Birds of Prey", Beekeeping, Tintype photography, Fire Engine #17, Model T's and Vintage cars, Kiwanis Cook Shack, BCLT, Alpine Garden Club.

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - April 17, 2016

Del Hood, author of "History in the Headlines" will be the featured speaker.

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - February 21, 2016

The Model T Ford, presentation by Chuck West, member of the Model T Ford Club of San Diego since 1986, and his niece, Janna Laughon, current secretary of the Club. For more information, please see the newsletter (About Us, Newsletters)

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - October 18, 2015

Dr. Sophronia Nichols Returns! A spellbinding reenactment presentation by Donna Sisson, Sophronia's great-great-grandaughter. For more information, please see the newsletter (About Us, Newsletters).

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - August 16, 2015

Tom Hom, author of "Rabbit on a Bumpy Road" will be the featured speaker. For more information, please see the newsletter (About Us, Newsletters).

Alpine History Day - June 6, 2015

Oklahoma! Alpine students were the featured attraction as they performed songs and dances from their sold-out hit musical show.For more information, please see the newsletter (About Us, Newsletters).

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - April 19, 2015

Diana Saenger, author of Mission Honored--A Dream Achieved--The Stories of Veterans on the Alpine Wall of Honor will be the featured speaker at the April meeting of the Historical Society. For more information, please see the newsletter (About Us, Newsletters).

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - February 15, 2015

The Players of the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation were featured at the February meeting of the Historical Society.

Quarterly Potluck Meeting - August 17, 2014

Judy Dunning, founder and president of the San Diego Herb Guild, spoke on the herbal medicines used by Dr. Sophronia Nichols at the quarterly meeting and potluck lunch.

Alpine History Day - June 7, 2014

Alpine History Day Flyer

In Honor of Justin C. Gruelle - February 16, 2014

Bill and Diane Smart traveled from their home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to attend the February meeting of the Alpine Historical Society. Bill is the nephew of Justin Gruelle, Alpine's most famous artist. Bill is a marvelous speaker and entertained those in attendance with memories of his uncle, time spent in Alpine and work done to preserve Gruelle's legacy. It was truly a memorable event.

Annual Italian Feast - October 20, 2013

The annual Italian Feast was held on Sunday, October 20, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. at The Alpine Woman's Club. The speaker for this event was Cory Carrier, a computer instructor and photo archivist. He presented a free class in preserving and archiving photos and documents. The class covered how to scan and preserve photographic prints on CD's and restore photos damaged by light, heat or water as well as how to organize and archive photos into a digital photo album.

Witness to Gettsyburg - August 18, 2013

The house was packed for a very special presentation. Annette Hubell presented a play,Witness to Gettysburg, in which she portrays the character of Miss Hattie Elizabeth Turner. In addition to a historically accurate picture of the battle and its terrible aftermath, the play also tells of a woman learning to take care of herself in an era not quite ready to embrace the concept of an independent woman. Dessert and drinks were served at intermission and were enjoyed by all.

Alpine History Day - June 1, 2013

The annual Alpine History Day celebration was held on Saturday, June 1, 2013, from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Homemade chili, salads, bread, drinks and ice cream sundaes were enjoyed by all and the awards for the annual third grade essay contest were announced.

Celebration of Carmen Lewis' First 100 Years
April 21, 2013

A celebration of Carmen Lewis' 100th birthday was held on Sunday, April 21, at 1:00 p.m. at the Alpine Woman's Club, 2156 Alpine Boulevard. All who attended enjoyed a wonderful lunch catered by the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians and celebrating with Carmen.

Quarterly Meeting
February 17, 2013

A docent from the U.S.S. Midway Museum entertained the attendees at the quarterly meeting of the Society. Great food was enjoyed by all.

Annual Italian Feast
October 21, 2012

The attendees at the annual Italian Feast were treated to ghost stories provided by local author Jack Innis as well as to a meal to remember.

Quarterly Meeting
August 19, 2012

Leland Fetzer was the featured speaker at the August quarterly meeting. He spoke of how the place names in San Diego County were influenced by the earliest peoples and the later settlers.

Alpine History Day Celebration
June 2, 2012

The annual Alpine History Day celebration was held at the museums on Tavern Road on Saturday, June 2. The winners of the 2012 Third Grade Essay Contest were presented with their awards and those in attendance were treated to a wonderful lunch of chili, bread, salads, drinks and ice cream sundaes.

Quarterly Meeting
April 15, 2012

A wonderful overview of the history of the San Diego Police Department was provided by Gary Mitrovich at the April meeting of The Alpine Historical Society.

Quarterly Meeting
February 19, 2012

Diana Lindsay, author of Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist, was the featured speaker at the quarterly meeting. A good time was had by all and many interesting facts were learned about the Anza-Borrego Desert.

Annual Italian Feast
October 16, 2011

The annual feast this year was hosted by The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians. Dinner included a choice of pasta dishes, salad, rolls and drinks and lucious desserts.

DAR Marker Dedication Honoring Dr. Sophronia Nichols
October 8, 2011

The Commemorative Marker Dedication Ceremony honoring Alpine's Dr. Sophronia Nichols was held at the John DeWitt Museum and Library. The ceremony was sponsored by the DeAnza Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and The Alpine Historical Society.

Dr. Nichols' great-great granddaughter, Donna Sisson, performed an historical reenactment depicting her great-great grandmother that was compiled from historical reports and family recollections.

Presenting the colors were members of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution, dressed in period costumes. The placque honoring Dr. Nichols now hangs in the main room of Dr. Nichols' home and was donated by Nancy Eggert.

Quarterly Meeting
August 21, 2011

Dr. Sue Gonda was the featured speaker at the quarterly meeting of the Alpine Historical Society. Dr. Gonda presented "Not Just Another Pretty Face," a history of women in California.

Alpine History Day Celebration

The annual Alpine History Day Celebration was held on Saturday, June 4, 2011, at the museum on Tavern Road. The winners of the third grade essay contest were presented with their awards and eveyone enjoyed a wonderful home-made chile lunch. The highlight of the day was the ice cream sundaes!

Quarterly Meeting
April 17, 2011

Trooper Robert Joyce, Jr. who, after graduation from high school in 1947, joined the United States Army,was the featured speaker at the April 17, 2011, quarterly meeting of the Alpine Historical Society. Trooper Joyce was joined by Troopers Rachel Hillard and John Roper. They spoke of the Buffalo Soldiers, its history and connection to East County History.

Quarterly Meeting
February 20, 2011

Our own Byron Harrington was the featured speaker at the February meeting of the Alpine Historical Society. Byron recently published a book Campo: The Forgotten Gunfight.

Annual Italian Feast
October 17, 2010

The 2010 Italian Feast offered an array of spectacular dishes plus a tremendous speaker.

The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians donated all the food for the feast. Several Italian dishes were presented along with fresh salads, breads, and tantalizing desserts. It was a feast in the true sense of the word! Viejas even sent three delightful representatives to serve the fare. Thank you, Viejas!

Richard Carrico was the featured speaker. Richard is an expert in the history of Indians in San Diego County and presented an informative talk on our native neighbors.

Quarterly Meeting
August 15, 2010

Joan Brady, an internationally recognized writer and lecturer, was the featured speaker at the August meeting of the Alpine Historical Society. Joan's latest book, The Ghost of Mt. Soledad, is a work of historical fiction.

Joan is an entertaining and informative speaker and everyone enjoyed her presentation.

Alpine History Day
June 5, 2010

The annual Alpine History Day celebration was held at the museum on Tavern Road on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Attendees enjoyed a great meal of chile, salad, bread, drinks and an ice cream sundae. The weather was perfect for the event.

Entertainment was provided by the East County Retired Teachers Chorus. Songs were nostalgic and very much enjoyed by all.

Awards for the Third Grade Essay Contest were distributed to deserving students.

Quarterly Meeting
April 18, 2010

David Lewis, author of the book Last Known Address, was the featured speaker at the April meeting of the Alpine Historical Society. David spent nine years and over nine thousand hours creating a map of the Julian cemetery, compiling a database for the historic section and writing his book. Last Know Address details the history of the Julian Cemetery, onsite archaeology, historical research and current projects. Additionally, it contains stories of Julian pioneers buried in the cemetery and the author's personal recollections of Julian history.

David's interest in the Julian Cemetery began in February, 1999, while preparing to dig a grave for his cousin. He found that almost no monumentation existed within the cemetery to position gravesites. Thus began his research.


Quarterly Meeting
February 21, 2010

The February meeting turned into a school reunion of sorts for three attendees. Jim Hinds, Virginia Christman and Coleen Bishop White all attended Alpine schools together and shared school memories--teachers, friends and "the good old days" at the meeting. It showed everyone how the lives of the Viejas people and other Alpine residents are, and have always been, intertwined.

Virginia Christman was the featured speaker at the meeting and wove tales of Indian lore, culture, traditions and heritage.

Named "My Story," Virginia's talk transitioned from the old ways of her ancestors to the new ways and addressed the impact of the transition on the tribe.

She feels strongly about passing down her heritage to the young Kumeyaay so none will forget the beautiful tranditions of her ancestors.

The story of how the Viejas Valley got its name was presented as it had been presented to her as a child. One could visualize the area, with elderly women at work at their metates, when soldiers arrived to take young men to serve as laborers.

All those in attendance were captivated by Virginia's stories and one could not help being moved by the warm reunion of the three schoolmates after so many years.

Annual Italian Feast
October 18, 2009

In October, 2007, our annual Italian Feast featured a reenactment, by the Honorable William Howatt, of the famous Alpine Ranch Murder Trial. This proved to be one of our most well-attended and enjoyable programs. Judge Howatt performs historical reenactments as a hobby.

On October 18, Judge Howatt became Philip Crosthwaite and told the stories of Yankee Jim, hung in Old Town on September 18, 1852, and the Roy Bean/John Collins duel on horseback which also took place in Old Town in 1852. One felt they were looking at Philip Crosthwaite, who, while serving as county clerk and recorder, was deputized by all the other county officers to act for them while they attended a bull-and-bear fight. Thus, for a short time, Mr. Crosthwaite held all the county offices at once.

The Board erved a delicious Italian Feast with various pasta dishes, salads, hot bread, dessert and drinks. The cost of this dinner was $8 for adults and $5 for children.

Quarterly Meeting
August 16, 2009

The quarterly meeting and potluck luncheon of the Alpine Historical Society was held on Sunday, August 16, at 1:00 p.m. at the Alpine Woman's Club, 2156 Alpine Boulevard. Jack Innis was the featured speaker.

Mr. Innis is the author of San Diego Legends and has many intriguing stories about San Diego's people, places and events. He is a most entertaining speaker.

The food was especially wonderful at this event and Mr. Innis was terrific.

Alpine History Day Celebration
June 6, 2009

The annual Alpine History Day Celebration was held on a picture perfect day in Alpine. Awards were presented to winners of the third grade essay contest and attendees feasted on a lunch of chili, salad, bread, cool drinks and ice cream sundaes. A great time was had by all.

The new farm display was the highlight of the day--everyone enjoyed the six new pieces of farm equipment recently donated by Don Walker and set up with care near Dr. Nichols' carriage house. It is a delight.

Quarterly Meeting
Dr. Leland Fetzer
April 19, 2009

The quarterly pot luck luncheon was held on Sunday, April 19th. Dr. Leland Fetzer was the featured speaker.

Dr. Fetzer was born in Salt Lake City, the son of a part-time mine owner.  This lead to an early interest in mines and their operation.  He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in history, but while serving in the Air Force he became a specialist in Russian.  After completing his military service he earned a Ph.D. in Russian from the University of California at Berkeley.  He taught at San Diego State University for twenty-five years, retiring in 1992.

During his retirement, Dr. Fetzer has devoted his time to researching the history of the Julian, Banner and Cuyamaca mountain areas.  After buying property near Julian, he spent a year building a cabin there.  The result?  A book of his essays, A Year in the Cuyamacas!  His extensive field and archival research became the basis for his book A Good Camp and his most recently published book Cuyamacas—Story of San Diego’s High Country. 

Dr. Fetzer and his wife Lois divide their time between homes in San Diego and Julian’s North Peak when not traveling. Dr. Fetzer's extensive knowledge of the history of San Diego made this an enjoyable presentation.

Quarterly Meeting
Alpine Tidbits by Carlette Anderson
January 25, 2009

A potluck luncheon was followed by a presentation by a former president of the Alpine Historical Society, Carlette Anderson. Carlette presented some interesting facts she has learned while performing research for the children's history book she is writing. Also presented was a slide presentation of the life and accomplishments of Alpine's benefactors, Benjamin and Harriet Arnold and a DVD pertaining to Alpine's Dinosaur Land.

Alpine Woman's Club Holiday Home Tour
December 7, 2008

For the second consecutive year , the Alpine Historical Society's pioneer houses were included in the Alpine Woman's Club's Holiday Home Tour. Volunteers gathered the week before the tour to decorate the houses with festive decorations such as those used by the early Alpine pioneers. The houses looked beautiful and this event was a treat for all involved.

Annual Italian Feast and Reader's Theater Presentation of "Alpine's Mister Arnold"
October 19, 2008

This year's annual Italian Feast began with the Reader's Theater Presentation of "Alpine's Mister Arnold," by Beatrice LaForce, performed by Shadow Hills Elementary School's third, fourth and fifth grade students.  Coordinated by teacher Michelle Hause, the play was well received by a packed crowd. 

Following the play, an outstanding Italian dinner was served.  The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians donated water bottles and lovely desserts arranged in a beautiful display for the event.  There was a slideshow of Mr. Arnold's contributions to the Alpine community which included photos of all the buildings for which Mr. Arnold was responsible--including the ones that still stand today.

Sue Wheelington's Antique Clothing Display
August 17, 2008

Attendees at the August 17, 2008, quarterly meeting of the Alpine Historical Society enjoyed a real treat--a display of part of Sue Wheelington's lovely antique clothing collection.

Sue has been collecting antique clothing for fifteen years.  The hobby began when she found three children's dresses in the attic when she and her sisters were, after the death of their parents, cleaning out the family home.  The dresses were believed to have been made by her grandmother and were in very poor condition.  Sue's interest was instantaneous and she was, after much trial and error, able to restore the garments amazingly well!

Examples of the way garments worn by Victorian-era women were layered were shown--bloomers, panties, corset base, corset, corset cover, petticoat, bustle, hoops, etc.--hard for us in shorts and a tank top to even imagine!

A lovely example of a boy's suit and a Christening dress from the Civil War era were also presented.  Elma Terry modeled her own Victorian costume and tried on accessories from Sue's collection.

Other items included a lovely wedding dress, a flapper dress and hats as well as Sue's father's World War II Eisenhower-type jacket.  One of the crowd pleasers was a quilt that had been handmade--the backing of the quilt was made from feed sacks and the pig images that had been printed on the sacks were clearly visible.

Sue ended her presentation with the thought, "I like the hunt!"  She has found many of her treasures at garage and estate sales right in Alpine.

Everyone seemed to truly enjoy the display.  Our thanks to Sue Wheelington and her sisters Donna and Linda for a most memorable event.

Alpine History Day Celebration
June 7, 2008

The annual Alpine History Day celebration was held on June 7, 2008. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time as they explored the new exhibits in the Nichols House, looked at the extensive beekeeping exhibit in the Beaty House and enjoyed a truly wonderful lunch of chili, salad, bread (yummy) and ice cream sundaes (even yummier!).  Lemonade, iced tea and water quenched our thirst.

The celebration allowed us the opportunity to present awards to the winners of the Third Grade Essay Contest.  The children truly seemed to enjoy the Fun Jump and the live bee exhibit presented by Pete Holtzen of Honey Bee Rescue.

Third Grade Essay Winners

First Place: Melani Tompkins
Second Place: Annika Roberts
Third Place: Rose Logan
First Place: Shelby Wray
Second Place: Madison Perrott
Third Place: Mckenna Tanner
First Place: Mackenzie Bernatz
Shelby Wray, Art
Madison Perrott, Art
Natasha Jones, Art
Nicole Miller, Art
Katie Lepetri, Art
Lauryn Blottin, Art
Nick Pupa, Creative Essay Format

Sincere thanks to all the third grade students, their teachers, and school administrators at Boulder Oaks Elementary School and Shadow Hills Elementary School for their participation in our essay contest. The works presented this year were wonderful and each student who entered our contest did an incredible job. The annual essay contest is a wonderful way to end the third grade social studies unit pertaining to local history—and Alpine Historical Society members look forward each year to the student tours of our pioneer houses.  Congratulations to all the participants!

Quarterly Meeting
The Alpine Store with The Wilson Family
April 20, 2008

On April 20, 2008, attendees of the quarterly potluck meeting of the Alpine Historical Society were treated to a presentation by The Wilson Family.  The Wilson's owned the Alpine Store during the 1950's.  This was a terrific presentation enjoyed by a full house!  Dr. Gail Wilson Guth, her brother Jack Wilson and sister Jeanne Wilson Christianson recounted their memories of growing up in Alpine and helping their folks run The Alpine Store.  The photo shown above was taken after the meeting when the present owner of the Wilson's Alpine home invited the siblings and their children and grandchildren to a tour of their childhood home.


Quarterly Meeting
Vonnie Greathouse Sanchez and The Alpine Sun
February 10, 2008

Vonnie Greathouse Sanchez, who came to Alpine with her parents when she was just eleven months of age, was the guest speaker at the February 10, 2008, meeting of the Alpine Historical Society. Alpine's excellent climate attracted Vonnie's parents to our town in hopes of improving her father's health.  It worked--and Vonnie has spent her entire life among Alpine's rolling hills and country roads.  She has been an employee of the local newspaper, The Alpine Sun, for fourteen years and is currently the Associate Publisher.   In her talk, Vonnie walked down memory lane, recalling her younger days in Alpine with stories that had everyone laughing.  This, combined with nostalgia, was a very worthwhile experience for all in attendance.

Alpine Woman's Club Holiday Home Tour
December 2, 2007

Both of our pioneer houses were decked out for the holidays on December 2 and were open to all attendees of the Alpine Woman's Club Holiday Home Tour--Christmas in Alpine.  This was a wonderful event and an opportunity for the Historical Society to show off these gems to everyone!  We're hoping to be included in future Woman's Club tours.

Annual Italian Feast
Reenactment of Famous Alpine Murder
October 21, 2007

The Honorable William J. Howatt, Jr., retired judge, presented a reenactment of the famous Alpine Ranch murder trial at the quarterly meeting on Sunday, October 21, 2007.  Judge Howatt performs historical reenactments of trials as a hobby and we were extremely fortunate that he agreed to come to Alpine!

In addition to this unusual presentation, the Historical Society Board prepared an Italian Dinner for everyone's enjoyment.  There were several pasta choices, salad, bread, a drink, dessert and great company.  The meeting was very well attended and enjoyed by all!

Alpine History Day Celebration
June 2, 2007

On June 2
from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. there was a celebration of Alpine's history at the museums, 2116 Tavern Road.  This year's special exhibit is "The History of Beekeeping in Alpine."  There is a wealth of information about early Alpine's lucrative beekeeping industry along with a display of many beekeeping artifacts.  The observation hive allowed us to watch the bees in action!  We'll also be able to learn about the pioneer beekeeper in the area, John Harbison, and see a replica of the Harbison Hive which was patented in 1859!  The beekeeping display will be on exhibit in the Beaty House until June, 2008.

Quarterly Meeting
Gage Skinner on Beekeeping
April 22, 2007

The quarterly potluck luncheon
was held at the Alpine Woman's Club on Sunday, April 22, 2007.  The speaker, Gage Skinner, spoke of the beekeeping industry.  Mr. Skinner began his beekeeping experience when he was a student in high school, and his tales spanned a 50-year period.  This was a very informative presentation and tied in nicely with the preparations being made by Historical Society Volunteers for the exhibit on The History of Beekeeping in Alpine which is currently being developed.

Bees are fascinating creatures--did you know that the temperature in the hive is always at 94°.  The bees take steps to keep the temperature consistent regardless of the outside temperature.  No air conditioning or heating systems, just industrious workers!

Field Trip to Julian
February 25, 2007

The Julian Field Trip
was a huge success!  Members and guests enjoyed a visit to the historic Stonewall Mine, meeting with Bob Adam of the Julian Historical Society at the Old Schoolhouse, a visit to the Julian Pioneer Museum, lunch at the Julian Grille, a climb to the top of Cemetery Hill, a self-guided tour of historic town sites (using a Chamber of Commerce coded map), a visit to the Santa Ysabel Mission Church and museum narrated by Albert Simonson, local historian.  It was a chilly day, but all in attendance enjoyed it immensely!

Quarterly Meeting
Leland Fetzer
January 21, 2007

The quarterly potluck
luncheon was held on Sunday, January 21, 2007, at the Alpine Woman's Club, 2156 Alpine Boulevard.  Lunch began at 1:00 p.m. and was followed by an informative speaker.  Leland Fetzer, retired San Diego State University professor and author of several books on local history. Mr. Fetzer discussed his book, A Good Camp--Goldmines of Julian and the Cuyamacas.  He had a wealth of information to share and was a great prelude to our field trip to Julian on February 25.

Italian Feast
Speaker Roy Wieghorst
November 12, 2006

Once again, Alpine Historical Society Board members gathered in their kitchens to prepare superb pasta dishes for everyone's enjoyment at the annual Italian Feast!  Pasta, bread, salad and dessert were provided for $5.00 per person.  After enjoying this delicious meal, participants were treated to an entertaining and informative program.  The event was held at the Alpine Woman's Club, 2156 Alpine Boulevard.

Roy Wieghorst, son of Olaf Wieghorst, was on hand to share stories of his father's life and works.  Ronald Reagan said of the elder Mr. Wieghorst, "From the opening of the American West until this present day, artists have sought to capture the rugged beauty, the drama and the romance of this unique part of our national heritage.  None have been more successful than Olaf Wieghorst."

The Olaf Wieghorst Museum and Western Heritage Center in El Cajon honors the accomplished artist who lived in our community for more than 40 years.  Born in Viborg, Denmark, on April 30, 1899, Mr. Wieghorst was a stunt rider for a Danish circus before migrating to the United States at the age of 19.  Arriving penniless from Denmark in 1918, he spent his working career on mounted patrol with the U. S. Cavalry and the New York City Police Department Mounted Division, with occasional interludes as a wrangler on ranches in the West.  Wherever he went, he sketched and painted the Western culture he loved, often selling his work as calendar and magazine illustrations.

Historic Highway 80 Celebration
October 21, 2006

The celebration and retracing of the newly State recognized Historic Highway 80 was held, beginning with a community car ride which included a tour of the original highway.  Communities along the route, including Balboa Park, El Cajon Boulevard, La Mesa, El Cajon and Alpine joined the celebration which ended with a classic car show at Viejas Casino.  The event was celebrated from Seaport Village to Jacumba.  Highway 80's anniversary celebration will be an annual event in the future.


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